The ultramarine family of colors includes blue, pink and violet. Ultramarine blues are synthetically produced sodium alumino sulpho silicates. Further oxidation of one of the finer particle size red shade blue produces violet. The redness of hue depends on the degree of oxidation. An ion exchange reaction with violet produces pink. They are easily dispersed in aqueous media, have excellent light stability and are very stable in alkali (ph of 7 or higher) compounds. Ultramarines are extremely acid sensitive and will release hydrogen sulfide in acid conditions. However, there is a silica coated ultramarine blue that resists mild acid conditions. Their primary use is in eye products such as shadows and eye pencils as well as in bar soaps.

E-5100: Ultramarine Blue
E-5101: Ultramarine Blue
E-5300: Ultramarine Pink
E-5302: Ultramarine Pink
E-5400: Ultramarine Violet
E-5401: Ultramarine Violet
E-5102: Ultramarine Blue (Acid Resistant Grade)