Surface treatment of pigments and fillers is used to improve performance in a variety of cosmetic formulations. Surface coatings improve skin feel by smoothing the rough pigment surfaces and reducing oil absorption. Treated pigments compress more easily, permitting formulation of pressed powders with lower binder content, further improving skin feel. In addition to the deagglomeration achieved by the coating process alone, surface characteristics can be modified to optimize wetting in a variety of vehicles. Surface treated pigments and fillers have permitted the development of new product forms, including cosmetically elegant water in oil foundations, cream to powder cosmetics, and powder to liquid formulations.

Surface treatments are applied by a variety of mechanisms. Each product contains a downloadable SDS and TDS document, along with an option to request a sample. The following can be accessed via the links on the right side of the page:

Chemical Reaction:

  • DI-Dimethicone
  • AS-Alkyl Silane
  • D/I-Hydrophobics
  • PFD-Trifluropropyl Dimethicone
  • Micro Titanium


  • MM-Magnesium Myristate
  • HSE-Herbal skin Enhancer (Chamomile, Green Tea, Mandarin Orange)


  • GA-Hydrophillic
  • NHE-Natural Humecant Enhanced
  • GL-Glycerin
  • PD-Propanediol


  • HOC Matte Kaolin
  • LL-Lauroyl Lysine
  • Trimyristin

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