Methicone treatment result in a cured film surface that significantly improves the characteristics of colors and minerals. Pigments and fillers treated with methicone are hydrophobic and wet well in oils.

In powder form, the primary benefits are: free flowing dry powders, anti-caking, high water repellency, improved slip, enhanced feel, better skin adhesion adhesion, and improved payoff. In anhydrous systems, Methicone treatment improves wetting, dispersion, and suspension characteristics.

Also available in the D/L version with Lauroyl Lysine for smoother feel and enhanced skin adhesion.

D-9051/I: Mica
D-9111/I: Brown Oxide
D-9124/I: Red Iron Oxide
D-9126/I: Red Iron Oxide
D-9131/I: Yellow Iron Oxide
D-9146/I: Black Oxide
D-9156/I: Brown Iron Oxide
D-9210/I: Hydrophobic Manganese Violet, Improved
D-9310/I: Hydrated Chrome Green
D-9320/I: Chromium Oxide Green
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