Herbal Skin


To further enhance the qualities of our pigments and fillers, we have developed a series of surface treatments to give different herbal benefits.

Green Tea – Antioxidant for Aging Skin

Download HSE Green Tea PDF

Mandarin Orange – Complexion Brightener, Natural Antioxidant

Download HSE Mandarin Orange PDF

Chamomile – Soothing Effects for Sensitive, Mature or Irritated Skin

Download HSE Chamomile PDF

HSE-CH0061: Sericite, Chamomile
HSE-CH1206: Red Iron Oxide, Chamomile
HSE-CH1301: Yellow Iron Oxide, Chamomile
HSE-CH1403: Black Iron Oxide, Chamomile
HSE-CH8112: Titanium Dioxide, Chamomile
HSE-GT0051: Mica, Green Tea
HSE-GT0061: Sericite, Green Tea
HSE-GT1206: Red Oxide, Green Tea
HSE-GT1301: Yellow Oxide, Green Tea
HSE-GT1403: Black Oxide, Green Tea
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